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My day…or weekend…not sure which…started with this cool Flylady graphic. The word is so, well, joyful. Two thoughts immediately entered my mind when I saw the graphic. Tanner’s *joy running in class. My *joy about life.

Yesterday the weather was spectacular! I putzed here. I putzed there. I moved an engine. I moved a workbench. I moved a chest freezer. I moved dog walk planks. Great progress on Operation Integration!

As predicted this morning inches of snow covered the deck. It’s been snowing all day. It’s still snowing. I putzed here. I putzed there. The Tax Packet. A notecard to Dr. P, the greatest doctor in the world. Shoveled. Moved one more big item – part of the dogwalk – out of the basement. Moved 5+ minutes worth of little items in the basement. Worked on the FFT website ‘transition’ that started a few years ago and has basically been dormant since the initial move.

My *joy about life. I love my ‘retired’ life. I’m not in the obit. So I’ll Eat Breakfast. I love my craft. I groom dogs three days a week. Then? Agility classes on Thursday mornings, followed by appointments or whatever in the afternoon. Agility class on Friday morning followed by whatever. A long walk exploring a new path. Lunch with a friend. A nap. Whatever. Weekends are open, ready for? Whatever! The narrowing opportunity of time with Boyd and Nolan. OMG! They grow so fast. Soon, their own schedules will dictate ‘whatever’ time.

Tanner’s *joy running in class. He may never get a Q., but his *joy of agility is unsurpassed by any of the dogs I run. He loves agility. On his home turf…(especially if his classmates are screaming 😉  ). He’s fast. He oozes joy. My human classmates love to watch him on the floor. It would be awesomely great to convince him he could run in a trial situation with same said *joy. That probably won’t happen. It’s okay. We spend far more time in class and it’s the *joy not the title that’s most important. 🙂

While putzing, including video review, I noted this wonderful expression of cross-species communication…even though all I thought I was asking was, ‘please Zopa! Ya gotta do the work in order to snuffle.’

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The Teeter Quest

I’m loving the fact that I’m now in every Friday class. Lori teaches in a different facility on Fridays…where there’s room for a contact or three along with some wide open running. 🙂  moment last week led to two really good teeters today from Edie. Tanner stayed on the teeter even though Bob opened the bathroom door which was close to the teeter and I wasn’t in between the two as a buffer.  faaabaaf01608fc21d4725154e70ead1--smiley-emoji-emoticon Tan Man!

Friday course with notes

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How Bizarre

So. Today. Was fun. Firstly I had all the dogs but Vincent with me. How bizarre. How bizarre. I’ve circled back. It took ~ 40-ish years…but once again all my dogs can go along on a ride. Even Vincent would have fit but he’s more of a stay-at-home kinda guy.

Back to agility! My 💖 !

Running Goose first in the first class…my chance to have a plan and learn what was wrong with said plan. That first run matters because it me driving the team without influence from my teacher or other student’s plans. So now, when reviewing video instead of  watching a fun run with no mistakes 🙂 my focus, especially one that first run,  is things like:

~ did I cue take off @ #2 timely?
~ did I treat #5 like a backside?
~ check out that rear cross cluster fuck from #7 to #9!

Thursday course with notes

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WangYiguang’s Floating Yaks & Tibetans

I just had to keep this info from Kathy!

Floating Yaks & Tibetans

From his webiste:

Wang Yi Guang was born in Yimeng Mountain area of Shandong, China. He is the younger brother of another notable painter, Wang Yidong (王沂東). He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1990. He participated in various national and international exhibitions and art fairs in Beijing, Guangzhou, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Wang Yi Guang works as a creative designer for the China Railway Construction Corporation.
In 2002 when working on the Qinghai-Tibet highspeed railway, the painter was struck by the “humble beauty” of the Tibet, which inspired him to create a Tibetan series of paintings, which were exhibited in 2004 at a solo exhibition “Retrospective of Tibet – The Spirit and Movement” held at Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong.

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Teeters on the twelfth

Zopa offered a teeter at the opening! I went with it!

Edie did awesome too. We’ve restarted teeter training via backchaining. Edie learned best that way, so I decided to try it with the teeter. She refused the first dogwalk, so I put her on the top of the dogwalk and off we went. She did the remaining three with zest on the approach. Lori let us do a couple of extra-credit teeters after our last run. 🙂

Lightbulb moment happened watching Lori work with Gail and Connor on the teeter. Gail laid a trail of treats. Lori suggested rewarding him when he took a step rather than luring him. It was amazing to watch. I tried it at home with Edie. Same thing!

Novice Standard, here come the Jumping Queens!!! 😉

Friday course with notes

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