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Last Friday Elliot left the planet, peacefully in Marlena’s arms. I set it up that way because I thought it would be best for him. He’d become so dysregulated, including on the grooming table, that him being still while I held him for euthanasia was a big concern for me. The Sunday night before, tossing and turning, it occurred to me that it might be best to set it up like a routine drop off – like he was getting a dental. 

Monday morning I called and asked Marlena for her help. She’s been a tech there for years – since I started using Golden Animal Hospital. She knows Elliot and he knows her. She agreed to my plan and had everything arranged when I arrived. Even the receptionist was aware of the plan and made check-in simple and compassionate. 

The past months I’ve transported Elliot to and from the shop – and to his last dental – in a small airline crate, again because of increasing dysregulation. And so, we waited together in the front room. Elliot in his crate sitting on the bench next to me. Marlena came out, enthusiastically addressing Elliot, just like always. I handed him over to her, just like always. I didn’t fall apart too much. I’ve never not been with one of my dogs for euthansia. Marlena gave me a big hug. I asked her to let me know when he was gone.

The phone rang as I drove up the canyon to the grooming shop. It was Dr. Donna. Her first words were, “Elliot went peacefully in Marlena’s arms.” She went on to tell me it was quick without complications. What a relief for me. I envisioned him flipping and flopping, and dislodging the needle at a really bad time. 

I’m a better, more compassionate, creative trainer because of Elliot. 
~ It’s not because I won’t. It’s because I can’t.
~ Focus on what a dog can do.
~ Teach the dog in front of you.

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Trying to stay on track…

…as crazy, twisted and wild as the current roller coaster is. Yikes. Where’s the ticket off?!

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Stone @ Invitational

He did such a GREAT job! 395 for 400 at his first Invitational. Believe That! So many photos!

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It’s Parkour Season

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Pay to Play Homework

We’ve been doing our homework, just not recording and reviewing. Time to get back to using That Excellent Tool!

It’s been lots of tiny steps and here’s where we are at on December 24th.
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