Woohoo! Not a rotten-no-good day!

Course Nov 8Course Nov 9

Tanner found his joy again at Helen’s! Silly boy. Lori’s course had no tunnel. She was curious to see if the dogs would run faster. That tunnel has been a distraction for most of the dogs for a long time. She thinks it could be due to the Briard’s drool that has a private lesson with her the afternoon prior. He drinks water and then runs amok including through the tunnel, dribbling water everywhere. The dogs could have running with extra enthusiasm due to the weather. She mentioned leaving the tunnel out of this coming Thursday’s classes as well.

Light bulb moment…the blind cross – 4 to 5, for example – supports the jump you’re leaving while giving information where we’re headed next. While a front cross would work, you’re rotating into the dog therefor not getting down the line as fast.

It was fun to play with 9 through 11. Initially I chose to bc between 9 and 10 as did all of my classmates. Another option was blind crossing the landing side of 10. Felt much better!!

The circle course start had lots of options, including starting from either side. Initially I chose to start Edie and Zopa off my left, with a Japanese at #2 for Edie and a German for Zopa. A ffc worked too. The Jaakko made the turn too tight, not setting a good line to the weaves. Another choice was a slingshot start off the right, fc immediately and choose from the options. Or forget the fc and wrap the outside wing of #2, and blind cross. I tried the Japanese with everyone. Edie loves the Japanese. I’m fairly comfortable with them and decided to work on timing that with the rest of my dogs.

5 through 8 was fun to play with too. Initially I chose to bc 5 – 6 and wrap the inside wing of #7. Lori pointed out taking the outside wing of #7 sets a great line through the pinwheel. So, bc 5-6 and then again 6-7. Crap, easier said than done. You had to really, really, REALLY hug the wing at 6.

Friday. Yee haa, as usual. Zopa got to sit out most of her first turn. No surprise to me or Lori, but it was funny to hear ‘new’ classmates comment on how great she ran last week and almost total disengagement this week. Welcome to my world! There were a number of challenges on this course, several not apparent during walk-thru. I chose to fc the landing side of 5 and run the a-frame off my right. The line from 7 through 10 was really fast! It was important to converge on the line from 8 – 10. By then the dogs were getting ahead and wanted to start to turn back towards the handler.

11 -13 had lots of options. Backside send to 11 and serp/run the dog’s line at 12. Blended fc at 12. Two front crosses; 11-12 and 12-13. Out of the tunnel through the teeter…blind cross, but hang back to get a tight turn to the teeter. Rear crossing #14 makes a better turn (unless your dogs don’t have rear crosses in their tool box!).

And then 17 through 20. Yikes that timing was crazy. For all of us. Crazy, crazy. The blind cross has to start exactly!!! on time and then you’d better watch where you’re headed. So easy to get the backside at 19. Without a leadout from the table, a good option was rear crossing #19, step into the gap to support 20. Of course, rear crossing would need to be in one’s toolbox…

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Training Plan Success Log

I saw this in a Clean Run article good article by Anne Stocum. Came along at the right time! Happy Running Dog Bingo is designed for trials. We have plenty of challenges in class too, so I’m giving this a try for tracking our baby steps.

Success LogTanner hasn’t been happy lately during Thursday class. He does the sequences but not with joy. He LOVES Friday class…because of big space and contacts. The current exercise/skill for his log is ‘joy’. Zopa’s current exercise/skill is ‘choosing to run’.

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The sun did come out ‘tomorrow’

…after a rotten-no-good day Thursday.

Courses Nov 1 & 2

For whatever reason my dogs weren’t playing Thursday. Don’t think I’m going to review video. It was just one of those days. Coulda shoulda woulda predicted it when the ‘warshed’ dishes weren’t clean. 4:30am. Bring on the day. Things went down hill from there. All. Damn. Day. Icing on that stupid cake was jcpenny looking like fucking Kmart. :::sigh:::

First run Friday? The sun came out! Zopa was spectacular. So was The Tan Man.

I write the notes as we walk the course ‘afterwards’ with Our Teach. Mostly these days I see the lines. I see the handling. Mostly. I run with Masters. I run with judges. I run with teachers. I’m gonna change up course blogging.

But! For now. I’ll make a video because I reformatted the sdcard on my phone. Humm. What a curious word these days. Phone. It’s my camera and my audiobook. 🤩


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Open shoulders? Open chest?

Thursday courseFriday course

Reviewed video and, yes, open shoulders and chest showing where we’re headed is becoming second nature. Most of the time my running plan is good, really good. When my dogs choose to run with me execution of said plan works, especially on Thursdays. Friday? Not so much.

Tanner comes off the start line like a bullet. Even with a boomerang start it’s often hard to be in position to cue #3…if I’m lucky enough to cue #2. He’d be happy enough to run with me, but since he doesn’t know where we’re going he runs wild. Or, worse…when I stop mid-course he takes it to heart, sure he’s wrong. He ❤️ ❤️ loves the contacts and the big space at Team Spirit. So much that he seems to be protesting Thursdays when we’re in a smaller space without contacts.

Zopa. The independent thing. So fuckin’ hard for to practice impulse control. Of myself. All I want to do is run the course with her. That’s not on the top of her priority list. She’s happy to run…in a bit… First! She needs to check out a thing or five. Awwwwk!!! Class vs. trial? Two different situations. At a trial we arrive early and have lots of time to check out a thing or five. At class not so much. So hard for me to give up our floor time letting her check out a thing or five. But maybe that’s what I need to do right now. Other approaches – like removing her from the course – haven’t seemed to work. This next week I’d like to go back to restrained starts and see if she thinks that’s fun.

Edie is the cheese. 🧀

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Say what?

Maybe this is a new AKC program? Obviously they don’t cross reference their Breeder of Merit data. Ten different champions of record from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class? As Boyd, with a condescending tone, would say, “yaaah.”

AKC Gold Medallion

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