Puppy class for Birdie

Class content was better than I expected. Birdie did great, so proud of her! ♥ I took a blue mat and worked on ‘place’ from the get go. Same game we play at night in the living room – It Pays to Park Your Arse.

Sarah taught focus, release, getting into heel position and mentioned holding collars as we released the puppies twice for off-lead playtime. I expressed reticence but gave it a go. There were 4 puppies counting Birdie, none over 16 weeks and one mostly her size. One puppy was a bit of a bully, but Sarah was great about interrupting and removing that puppy in an appropriate manner. She interpreted canine body language throughout playtime. Birdie handled it with confidence and grace.

Curious that Sarah introduced herself as a ‘balanced trainer’ who uses both +R and -R. I didn’t argue that -R was actually +P. 😉 And prefers Martingale collars.She said to tell her, as we introduced ourselves, if +R was important. So I did.

First lesson was focus; reward when puppy looks at you. Second was ‘stay’…not really as she prefers to teach a release rather stay. That lines up perfectly with the first Glue lesson (teaching a release cue). I’m not keen on working Birdie in heel position. Sarah seemed pretty firm, asking me if I wanted her to walk nicely when she’s out and about. Well, ya! But stuck to my side isn’t my criteria. We’ll see how long I can get away with Parkour style Focus and Follow.

It was a gamble when I signed up. Plus we’re missing 2 of the 6 classes…maybe 3 depending on when Zopa and I are done with our run at the SCWTCD trial August 7th. It is what it is.

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Birdie @ 12 weeks

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The Bird

MeLou Kunza FFT Path of the Dragonfly

The Bird. The Beard. MeLou Kunza FFT Path of The Dragonfly. Birdie is here.

Super Star! Below the video is a summary of our first lesson with Lori .

First private with Lori on July 2:

Tug play – Lori demonstrated
Fetch – mark as she come back to play

Play with her with hands
Chase tug
Went through big tunnel exploring, so we played recall through two other tunnels, Lori restrained, I used tug

Encourage behaviors that won’t be a problem – like that offered jumping into lap, over legs
Clicker – really good for tricks and marking a single behavior (rather than a fluid behavior)

Shaping – wobble board, contact board, any moving EF 

Click – treat in place, release and toss cookie (Chase It!)

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Movin’ up to Masters

The following information is being sent to the AKC for
Kunza Zopa at FFT MeLou (Zopa) – NP31160201
JWW-EX-REG – 8 Inch – Judge: Lynn Morgan
Distance: 148 yards – SCT: 49 seconds
Score: 100(Q) – Time: 39.80 seconds – 2nd place

And that’s a wrap on her Excellent JWW title. AXJ. It was a gift. Best run of our lives, it was a gift. She popped out at pole 8, so I was surprised to read the above when I went to check her time on the posted results. I sought out Kathi and told her. She said, “that’s a gift. Karma will make up for it with bad calls.” As I left, Debbie and Kathy talking with each other, stopped me to comment on the awesome run. I explained the situation. “Take the gift!” Debbie is an agility judge and further explained that once the judge has signed off (which happens before results are posted) it’s a done deal. All, including the exhibitor Kathi was talking with, went on to share a story – or three – about when they experienced a similar situation.

Similar responses when I shared with Lori and Melissa. “I’d totally take it! Congrats.” And, “Super Congrats!!! Yes, the agility gods giveth and taketh.”

…they did taketh in the past. Novice Standard broad jump call. Expecting a Q, I was stunned to see NQ. Video review showed a call at the broad jump. That jump was clean. 😉

Comments after watching video of our run… Melissa, “That was absolutely beautiful!!! So flowing. Extra cookies all the way around.” Kathi, “Nice Debby! Looks like ‘the streak’ got all the weaves to me!” Lori, “Look at you both go! How exciting. I can see how the judge missed the weaves with the jump wing possibly in her way? Zopa still kind of did a bob and weave thing next to the poles so it wasn’t an obvious pop out. And the awesomeness of the rest of the run deserved the Q.”

Our standard run Sunday was pretty darn good too! First time in Excellent. Perveying at the top of the frame remains ‘a thing’. Her teeter was awesome! She raced off the table! And charged to the finish! Missed the last pole or it would have been a Q. 11 seconds under sct. Woohoo Z!!

For my own learnings about the turnings, here’s the gift weaves in slomo. She charges into them. Lori could confirm this, but it appears she wanted to hop (yes!!!) through the weaves, couldn’t get her cadence, and switched leads. ???

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Puppy Party!

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