The Bird is so fun!!!
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S-ADP-L1(2Th) for Elliot!!!

Let’s Go!

Great job, Debby! Elliot did beautifully and I love the way you encouraged him through each exercise.
Thank you for the measurement pics. So helpful.
One comment on the Loops – start them as though you were coming from a loop EF set up prior to your first loop EF. Then you get a complete loop around the EF rather than something like a 270 degree turn. Ending the last loop, pretend you’re going to another EF to do another loop. You did this, actually! LMK if you don’t know what I mean!
The cert is attached.

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ADP-L3(La) for Tanner!!

This one took some doing. Me, not him. 🙂 For whatever reason, I hit a road block months ago. For starters, I was using only EFs from Elliot’s Theme entries. That seemed efficient, but then I got stuck coming up with sequences meeting EF and exercise criteria. I asked the ADP Facebook group for help. Got excellent advice, but again hit a road block attempting to use one suggested strategy – design the intial sequence at L5 level and back down from there. Valid, but that strategy assumes the designer has L5 experience. 😉

When Kristine asked if there was interest in a Ladders class, I jumped on it! She’s such a good teacher! We did our homework and ended up with the final sequence for this entry!!

Here’s comments on the entry:

Hi, Debby –
What a beautiful set of sequences! Each one was so well thought out. I loved them!
A suggestion for when he gets on something high – if you have a shorter leash so he knows he will be supported if he slips, I think it would be a confidence booster for him and it’s also safer. That was a really high EF. I notice a difference with my dogs when they are on leash vs. off and I ask them to get on certain things. The leash makes a huge difference to them.
Thanks for all the measurement pics!
The cert is attached. We’re moving forward!!!

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Birdie and Matcha, classmates!

When Lori asked if Matcha could join Birdie for our private lesson my response was, “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!” Christine and I are to let Lori know what we’d like to work on each lesson. I requested a quick looksee on what I’ve been doing with touch and pawpaw, leash work and maybe baby agility foundation homework.

~ next time hook or step on leash when she’s hanging out
~ keep her things away from the cot
~ keep her cot away from exploration territory
~ practice releasing while hanging or to go say hi

~ go say hi with a nose touch
~ once she understands the difference between nose touch and pawpaw, don’t reward for sloppiness

~ 2on 2off – teach as a skill, as a game
~ it’s a back foot target

~ running through the mat
~ wait for her to run across before tossing cookie

~ circle work with tug; choose word (bite??);

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Birdie 2nd stationing lesson and collar grab

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