Tricky Tanner

Otherwise known as Kunza Nan Tan at FFT MeLou ADP-L1 TKI.
Way to go Tan Man!

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A Rockin’ and a Runnin’ on Friday the 13th

Rock ‘n run!

The dogs were on fire. I set decent lines. Proud of myself for map analysis. There were a couple of spots that walked differently. 17-18 didn’t need a false turn, nor did 9-10. I tried a lap turn from 11-12 on the first run. A threadle was enough. The line from 6 through 8 was harder than it looked. A blind from 6-7 and a rear from 7-8 worked great with Tanner. Zopa wanted the weaves. 😉

A Rockin’ and a Runnin’
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TKI for Edie too!

One last title for Edie. 🙂 Played with the Create feature in Photoshop Elements and after picking the Grid theme, here’s the movie it created.

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The final goal…an invite to the AKC Invitational

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Homework! Close and lap turns.

Threadles and lap turns, my current learnings and turnings. They look effortless when executed and read by the dog. It’s often appropriate to use the threadle arm to cue the line. The lap turn is executed at the ‘first’ obstacle, changing the line to the next obstacle. I’ve been missing a big piece of the footwork.

El’s Homework


Geesh I didn’t finish numbering the map! Zopa ran the full course which went to 18…somewhere. 🙂 Tanner and Elliot ran a speed circle edition of the circle course which went somewhere too. 🙂 Edie saved ‘it’ up for her Intermediate Tricks test. 🙂


We worked the lap turn from 11-12, especially with Zopa.

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