December 02, 2010

Edie and Elliot at Ewe-R-Here Farm. Norma Jean went to Petcol. 45 degrees and sunny skies.

Edie: Did the above sequent. I worked her off my right to eliminate rear cross at #3. Teeter work = put her on 1/2 way and walked her down.

Elliot: Dog walk. A-frame. Within class Elliot and I worked on sit, sit-stay, tied to fence and tunnel.

Norma Jean: Walked around Petco. She took one treat and approached a man for a pet.

Discovered a great place for my own training. at about 8th and Pike. Turn off Colfax at foreign car repair. Turn off Golden Road at Quaker. Bring agility equipment and set up small session for puppies and Norma Jean.

Edie’s homework: Work on sending into tunnel ahead of me. Toss food in at first to encourage her to go in front of me. Also work jumps from my left side.

Elliot’s homework: Make pvc hoop. Teach 2 on 2 off. Need a word for that behavior.

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