Reflections on the weekend

Spent the past few days with Julie. She judged Friday and Saturday in Denver so no FFT dogs could be entered the entire weekend. I chauffeured her to and fro, including this morning to catch a 6:30AM flight. Walking through the grooming area we were both thinking the same thing at the same time. I don’t miss this! The thing is…I’m sitting here with three unfinished FFT dogs. Told Julie it would be nice to be in her spot. All her FFT dogs are finished.

Watching the breed competition on Sunday I became aware that now is the time to get going on finishing Zen, Elliot and Norma Jean. In my dreams I wanted to show up Specialty weekend in MN and finish Zen and Elliot. Fantasy! Not that it’s impossible, but they need some ring experience heading into such a weekend. So….I’ve gone through upcoming local shows and marked them on my calendar. Shows I can drive back and forth, not spending the night. We talked about meeting up again in Seward with the focus on working together on agility in preparation for October’s National.

I guess I need an attitude change. For many people grooming show dogs is relaxing, their hobby. Not so for me; it seems like just another day at work grooming dogs. In any case I need to change my attitude. As Flylady continually reminds her audience, we have the ability to change our attitudes. Switch. Switch the ‘grooming work’ to ??? It’s not like my show dogs have difficult coats to maintain. And it’s not so much the weekly grooming as the thought of spending a weekend off grooming and showing. Switch. Switch. Think of the Switch. You could look at it as just soldiering on, getting the work done. Or Switch it.

My competitive spirit did whisper ever so softly watching the competition. I thought my dogs can beat those dogs. My dogs move better than any of the dogs entered. And they’re lovely Apsos. Last year seemed like a chore in the ring for several reasons, I’m sure. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve seriously shown an FFT dog. My focus was on getting Keeper finished. That wasn’t an easy thing, given that he trashed his head fall, ears and beard. Anyway…it might be nice to walk in the ring again at the local shows to pick up a point or two. Switch.

Working the dogs. Working towards Sawtelle dogs. I have every intention of exhibiting in agility. I have every intention within three years of each dog living here having some sort of performance training. A conformation title on deserving dogs could be ‘another title’, rather than the main focus of that dog’s career. Switch. Train.

As I reread my introduction to Down The Quiet Path this jumped out:

As I’ve spent the past months FLYing, there’s been a ‘niggling’ in my head about what that should be. Couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was there. Pieces of the next project would emerge, only to fade. Criteria would do the same. I am a scholar by nature. The project needs to be challenging with great opportunity to learn. I love dogs. Breeding dogs. Teaching dogs. Working with dogs. In particular I love the little Apso from Tibet. Edgar Sawtelle was also there in corners of my mind.

There is no reason why finishing Championships cannot be incorporated into that. Out of my dogs, there are currently three dogs that can be finished. If the vote doesn’t pass, the Gompas won’t be eligible for the AKC show ring. If it does pass, it would be really cool to finish the Championship on a Gompa. Conformation doesn’t have to be the main priority, but if I Switch my own attitude and make it fun it will get done!

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