Re: Thanks!

I thought you would like to have a trial record book, I really like to sit down after our runs and record thoughts, plan on what to work on, etc. It is really fun down the road to look back at where the dogs started and how their first trial went…..and how far they have come 😉
So exciting when all the foundation work starts to pay off, it doesn’t happen overnight and there are no shortcuts.
Josie had a 3 day trial this weekend and had a perfect weekend 3 QQs, mostly 2nd and 3rds, not running as fast as she use to at this location – I think she does not like the footing, it is kind of slippery, she is smart so she rates herself.  Had to pull Myth from this trial as she did come into season….it will be close but I am hoping she will be out before the TCLAC trial.
Took Myth to conformation class last week. She has not been in the ring since December and she will be entered next month, she really surprised me, very good, especially on the table, still likes to tuck her hind under her when I try to stack her on the ground, always something to work on 😉
Try to get someone to video your first trial – even if no one else sees it, it’s fun to have.

Thanks for record book! (And I love getting the TCLAC newsletter.) I’m keeping my fingers crossed Edie doesn’t come in heat in the next 3 weeks.

Class Thursday was awesome. Edie’s class is running sequences and this week the sequence included a tunnel, the dog walk and weave poles (2 for Edie- she’s getting fairly consistent with 4, but class was more about running sequences, so I wanted her to succeed. Elliot’s class did a short sequence – A-frame to the tunnel. He went up and over the A-frame!! Yippee!! It paid to borrow Lori’s and work this at home. It seems like everything is really coming together!
Elliot, Norma Jean and I are heading to a dog show this morning. Small entry. 1-3-0-1. I have 2 bitches entered, but Zen has lost a lower incisor. If we need her to keep the point, then she’ll be shown. This is it for her. Elliot is looking better by the month. Figured I’d better get some ring experience under his belt – no that he seems to have grown up a little in between the ears. He’s very fancy and moves out in front of me, way out in front, on a lead. At home that it. 🙂

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