Connect – Commit – Cue

Goose and Tanner split this class:
“Learn how to effectively use common handling techniques and communicate with your dog like never before. Connect with your dog. Commit him to the line. Cue using a technique that tells him where he is going next on course. This session is for dog who are proficient on all obstacles and have good commitment.”

I had no idea what to expect and wanted to use Goose because I thought there’d be a better chance of making the most of the lesson. Each working spot consisted of floorwork twice. After the first turn with Goose Lori commented that Tanner could do this. So I decided to run him the second time out. That ended up being just about the perfect scenario. Goose helped me with front cross timing. Look at him fly when I got it right and moved the hell out of his way!  And working with Tanner I got to learn about clear tunnels! And look at his rear crosses heading right into the crowd!

Notes from Megan…stay aware of the parallel line and get down the line…reverse spin is never a side change, keep your head on shoulder to help stay connected while executing this disconnecting technique…front cross 1st bit – turn around before the dog takes off…2nd bit – get out of the way by being down the line…70_ 80% of refusals happen out of the tunnel…when the dog is following the handling perfectly stop and reward or have someone reward for you…once you can see the dog land and commit you do any handling you want.

Tip! There are three ways to reward in OMD. Reward is pre-placed on the line. Reward on the line. Reward from hand. Megan demonstrates this near the end of the Tanner video.

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