Common Techniques

Tanner worked in this class:
“This session will focus on teaching the most common OneMind Dogs handling techniques using 1-2 jumps and tunnels. This session is for dogs with good commitment to obstacles.”

The most common techniques are front cross, rear cross, blind cross, false turn, reverse spin and backside send. The front cross, rear cross and blind cross are all side changes. The guiding arm remains in place until the dog has landed. There is no side change with the false turn, reverse spin or backside send. All of these techniques propel you forward down the line. (The only two OMD techniques that include backing up are the lap turn and the twist.)

Dogs always jump in a straight line. Dogs always choose their leading leg closest to the handler.

When looking at a course determine where you need a side change and consider the skills of you and your dog when making choices on how to handle the course. When walking the course keep your head in the position you’ll have while running.

Side change:
Front cross ~ the only rule is it’s done before the dog’s take-off. In three steps the handler should be moving forward down the line. My ending position is down the intended line, on a parallel line to the dog’s reality line. The guiding are remains in place until the dog has landed. There are three variations of the front cross; on a straight line, on a 90° line and on a wrap.

Rear cross ~ cross the dog’s line before take-off.

Blind cross ~ just turn your head and re-connect.

No side change:
False turn ~ begins like a front cross. Can be used to change the dog’s line, straighten the dog’s line or pull to the opposite end of the tunnel. It can be executed at various intensities.

Reverse spin ~ use to change the line a little or to keep a dog off an obstacle. From the neck down the body is like a front cross. Keep your head on your shoulder when executing.

Backside send ~ can be combined with so many things (i.e. German turn includes a backside send). The dog will always jump at a slice with a backside send.

backside slice

Tip! When showing the dog a backside line up with the jump cups.

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