Masters Handling

Tanner – worked this class:
“Coursework session using AKC Masters Level Challenges with an emphasis on OMD techniques/methods. This session is for dogs working at the Excellent/Masters level.”

Megan’s feedback on video…
Everything needs to be sooner :-)….continued repeating (at this point) isn’t good for his head…try not to do too much setting up…need a tunnel send…his reality line is parallel (which is why he ran past the yellow tunnel the first time – I was at the entrance)…send to tunnel!!…could false turn to cue the tunnel.

Megan’s feedback at the end that session…
Don’t worry about the dog going potty on the course…if the dog disconnects and you know you’re staying connected (like Tanner right before he pooped)…put the leash on and give the dog a chance to potty…the dog may be trying to tell you something.

From my notes…
Discover your dog’s stride lengths and be able to walk each individual path. Stride length will influence the place of the start line. Measure using your own stride. Dogs always take a correction stride when turning (changing leads). Take that into account when walking and determining the reality line. Learn to walk with strides and using leads with your arms ‘running’ and changing leads. First walk through determines strides, leads and where the info needs to come. Second walk through ask yourself what info do I need to give the dog and where do I need to be to deliver that info.

Tip! Dog needs lead change before the tunnel or a refusal is possible.




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