Every Journey is Different

Nolan reading The Hungry Caterpillar came up this week as a memory on Nate’s Facebook feed. Wow! It brought up a lot of emotions…starting with how he’s developed in the past two years. He’s a big chatterbox now, but there was a time when he didn’t speak. He communicated just fine, including sign language. Nolan never cooed as a baby and started receiving speech therapy at some point. He is three weeks older than Boyd currently, which really brings to light the struggle Nolan had learning to speak.

Nolan and Boyd reading together October 2015. I couldn’t help but think of the t-shirt Melissa gave me. “Every dog is a different journey.” Boyd’s speech has always been amazing, from the use of adjectives, adverbs and pronouns…although he does still use ‘she’ when referring to males. 🙂 Boyd started talking in sentences very early on.

This video – besides being really cute and showing they do get along now and then – 🙂 demonstrates the progress Nolan made over the next year+ as well as Boyd’s speech development 6 months younger in age than Nolan when reading The Hungry Caterpillar.

Every Journey is Different.

Kathy shared this. Becoming a butterfly…

Honoring the Voice Inside

You have always encouraged
his baby voice
Heard the music
when no one else could
Gave him room to simply
be Himself…
to simply
Your gift
Nurtured his song
What a sweet
Kathy 🙂

Update on July 7, 2017…while uploading photos to Google Photos, I found this video taken in May 2015 in a folder.


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