Roadtrippin’ to NE


Bee Balm in bloom Thursday morning. An appropriate harbinger for my Nebraska roadtrip.  Backroads there, down and dirty interstate on the way home. This, The Year of The Green Team, two ‘seminar’ weekends were my schedule ~ OMD Assistant Coach Megan Foster and my personal Apsos in Agility Coach Melissa. 🙂 Both have come and gone, both with storms of one kind or another.

Friday night Lori texted she, Ling and Finn were in the basement and the tornado sirens were going off. No tornado in Lincoln, however we had this room with a view during the same storm system.


The facility was awesome!


Goose has weathered storms both seminar weekends. 🙂 During Megan’s International Handling session between the lightening storm (horse and rider killed about a mile away), Jamie’s neighbors target practicing along the river and needing to poop but refusing to do so on leash, he simply couldn’t hold up his end of our team. Then he was so sad about the Lincoln trip. Said he would have worn a wig and slunk really low, disguised as a Lhasa Apso if only I would have thought to invite him. Sad Goose…


The good ol’ boys admiring their toys while we hung outside with the dogs Saturday night. Love how they are facing their hot rods instead of each other.

Under the rainbow…


This was a learning weekend. All three dogs ran all three days. Edie and Zopa in Jumpers and Tanner in Standard. Thought Zopa would be doing a modified course, with the goal of having a dog at the start line. If I didn’t have a dog I was prepared to work it Megan-style. Zopa was in the game all three days! After Tanner’s run Friday, I decided to do modified courses with him Saturday and Sunday setting him for success. Discovered it’s way easier to modify a jumpers run than a standard run! Oh well, what mattered was his attitude not that our course was only two jumps. So cool to watch him strut his stuff out at the end of the lead back to the crating area both Saturday and Sunday.

Edie Qd with this run on Saturday. One more and she’ll have her Excellent Jumpers title. So proud of us, what we’ve learned together and how far we’ve come.

Edie Saturday

Zopa was a super star! No Qs but we’re gonna step up our game! Can we say 2018 Invitational? Maybe, just maybe!

Working The Tan Man Plan…

Zopa’s courses and a couple of ‘times’…

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