Classes on a clear liquid diet :-)

Whew! Although far from being on my game video review shows it wasn’t as bad as it felt. 😉 Tanner was hilarious. He must have been thinking so hard about nailing his weaves (almost) every time that he simply couldn’t break out of a trot. Goose and I had fun, even a couple of really nice runs amid a couple where he got lots of cookies. 🙂 Zopa was super when she was running with me. She’s choosing to do that most of the time. Yeah! Edie did the wraps (only feasible option or we’d have done an Edie-style something else) with warp(ed) speed. 🙂 Elliot. Oh Elliot. He’s working really hard and parts of our sequences are awesome. He continues to run past the jump when we’re doing a backside. Sure, I could modify his course (which I’m going to do for his last run of the day so we both run for joy). I’ve made such great progress Unlocking Elliot. Surely there’s a way to get him back over the jump without running past it. We’ve tried blocking, but today he wasn’t processing that…ran right into the wire block. Lori suggested going way back, using wings to do foundation cone work. We played with that a bit, along with dropping a target bag. He was pretty much beyond the point of being able work by the time we played with that, but both Lori and I could see that this strategy may work. Time will tell.

Inside Courses with Notes

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