“I got this mom!!”

Big Mess. That’s what it felt like on course. Big Mess by Opie Gone Bad came to mind. In fact I was going to use part of the soundtrack for the audio on this video. She was slow off the start, nose closer to the ground than it’s been in months. Missed the weaves entirely; perhaps it was the white poles against the white wall…whatever…wasn’t going to make that an issue. But! After reviewing footage Lori was right. There were plenty of good parts. Her tail was up the entire time. She was so funny at those tunnels. Wish I had her expression on video. Even though I connected out of the first tunnel, her eyes were focused on the wrong side of the tunnel. “I got this mom!!” There was no convincing her the other end was a good idea. She was so proud of herself. “I got this mom!!” So I let her. Way to take initiative on the course Eds!!

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