This course is on the I  ♥  agility course map, August 31st. 🙂 The opening of this course was similar to another (where I learned not to use a false turn to keep Goose out of the off-course tunnel – the key is cuing deceleration for #3). Due to time, we walked and talked about this course before running it. Lori discussed various options from #8 to #13. She didn’t discuss a reverse wrap at #12, but I ‘saw it’ and thought it would be a good choice for Goose and me. Yes, the reverse wrap would slow him down, but we’re good at those and I knew he’d send into the tunnel from #12 and I could meet him coming down the final line. I chose to try it without asking for feedback.

After our run Lori talked about choices, sharing an example from her class with Morganne on Monday. Lori’s idea was different from her instructor’s plan. She ran it both ways. And, sure enough Lori’s idea for her own dog was the better choice. It’s about knowing your dog, your skills together and the tools in your team’s toolbox. She told me the reverse wrap was a really good choice. 🙂 🙂

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