Super Elliot

While homework for the rest of us has centered around the lap turn, Elliot and I continue to work on backside sends. Once in a while I toss in a little lap turn work with him. Once in a while we succeed. Once is a while he yips at me, “wtf?!” This footage was taken this past Thursday. Floor work at class has been soooooo rewarding. We run the sequences, sans the weaves. We’re coming together as a working team. I’ve discovered that when he runs wide or doesn’t quite know what I’m trying to convey, if I remain in position with my hand super low, he recognizes that and comes to position. Seeing a great opportunity to build on our homework with winged jumps near both exits of the tunnel, I used our last turn to work backside sends. The opportunity came complete with one of his challenges – drastic contrast. Only a few shake-offs and he worked through it. Super! Elliot! Super!

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