Time Slows Down

…when it all comes together. Lori shared an insight from Morganne. “When it all comes together time slows down.” I had that feeling a number of times during today’s classes. Waiting for the dog, not because the dogs were slow (in fact all of them are consistently running faster than ever) but because I was in position and my mind didn’t feel in constant chaos. It’s all becoming more and more natural. Cuing. Staying connected. Knowing that the dog has committed.

This was a fun course for the dogs. They got to run! #11 on the orange course provided lots of handling choices, including the backlap. Whee!

Courses Thursday with notes

Biggest light bulb moment was the backlap. Not just ‘learning’ it, but actually ‘knowing’ it.

The circle course was set up for working the tunnel and understanding where to be so when the dog exits the tunnel s/he is looking the right direction.


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