Double Trifecta…All Clean Runs!!

This. Today. This. All of this. Today. I remembered the lesson I learned six years ago. Today. I remembered that lesson. After Edie’s 3rd Masters Q (Go Little Lady Go!), the last remaining run of this very fun and rewarding weekend was Zopa’s Novice JWW run. A Q would mean her NAJ title. A Q would mean a weekend of all runs resulting in a Q. DO NOT PUT YOUR GAME FACE ON! Your dog, your teammate has no idea of the ‘prizes’. Run your dog. Cue your dog. Hold up your end of the team. We got the really hard weave entry. I risked a rear cross at the second tunnel. I timed the position of that last front cross perfectly, but tried to catch my dog instead of getting my own ass down the line. That’s the only point I interfered with Zopa’s movement. Jesus H. She was 17 seconds under SCT. Add the suffix NAJ to Zopa’s official name.


And least we forget my Little Lady. Edie Beadie. Our run was worth 5 PACH points (one might consider revisiting training the teeter….) so over the weekend she has 12 PACH points. Hummm…..seems like a great opportunity for another Silly Title!

Run! Ladies! Run! All of us!

My teacher gave me this. She got it at a truck stop in Oklahoma, so now we’re really talking my backroads language. I don’t yet know where this will land permanently. Hanging on a crate? Hanging on my agility backpack? Hanging on the bag that keeps the treats cold? Who knows. For today it landed on the top of each course map.


So we did. Achieve. Run! Ladies! Run! All of us!



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