Revamp :-)

Holy crap. Still smiling 🙂 big time about this past weekend. Whodda ever thunk?! I remember when it seemed impossible to actually enter an agility ring in competition…and what an accomplishment finally doing that meant to me. Now the little Apso that walked into the agility ring with me more than six years ago has 3 Masters Qs and 12 PACH points. It’s been a journey, but she’s no longer a Novice Queen Supreme!

Onward! There’s work to be done. There’s more fun to be had.

The one challenge I didn’t think would happen this year…running a Standard course in a trial situation with Zopa. I just sent in that entry. We’ve been working hard on that damn teeter, but ya know what? She’s been making progress, If we’re not ready for the teeter in competition we’ll skip it! We’ll do the other things or some of the other things and celebrate.

I have no idea if my old-school wooden plank teeter has created unnecessary issues or if my lack of understanding on how train it, how to adjust the babysteps for each dog and recognize when there’s a problem developing is responsible. Surely the later more than the former. ??? Talked with SummitAgility over the weekend and have a plan to get one sometime next year. Idea!! After my taxes are done! Perfect!

And then maybe I’ll try reteaching Edie the teeter. Would be fun to run her in Standard too!

The Tan Man. Tanner. Another agility lesson along my path. In my former life, if one of my dogs had a skittish nature, I knew how to handle that dog, give that dog confidence and the reassurance of my confidence. Often Lhasa Apsos go through stages, especially while adolescents, where they become chary of strangers…a breed trait. So I wasn’t that concerned about his skiddish nature. :::sigh::: One big difference between the conformation ring and the agility ring is that the ‘umbilical cord’ – the leash – is removed. There is no direct connection to the handler. The dog must be able to work, to have the presence of mind to hold up his/her part of the teamwork. Had I known then what I know now, I would have developed a plan to help him be able to work when environmentally challenged. It is was it is. It’s water under the bridge. I’ve got a plan now. I’ll work that plan. I’ll adjust that plan as needed. He’s now able to work at The Spirited Dog. With time perhaps he’ll be able to work at our trial venues. If not, it’s his choice.


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