Saturday Morning Homework

Zopa’s teeter is coming along! So glad I took video today, otherwise I would have missed her understanding of pivot.

The Tan Man working The New Weave Plan. He’s liking the channels at class. At home, several weeks ago, I set up a dragster 2×2 channel weave game. He loves it, but I was having difficulty babystepping beyond the initial setup. This morning I remembered that my *tweaked* 2x2s can adjust to channels. So I did that. Even though it’s the same equipment he’s been blasting through, he didn’t understand the ‘new look’. So I removed 2 sets and should be able to build from there.

After what felt like miserable failures with lap turns at class this week, I assigned myself homework for the week. Laps and flips. And backsides for Elliot.


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