Tunnels, tunnels.

Tunnel vision! Side by side. Back to back. I’m getting pretty good at walking the course or viewing a course map and realizing the options for my dogs. 🙂

It was really fun to play with the side-by-side tunnels Thursday, particularly sending into one tunnel and ‘bringing the dog back through’ the other tunnel. 

Stephanie asked Lori about start lines and not going back to reward start line stays. The topic was relevant to what I’ve been doing with Zopa the past few weeks, so I was really glad for the discussion. In the spirit of helping Massimo with his startlines at trials Stephanie listened to a podcast she found very helpful.

I’m going to change up what I’ve been doing with Zopa. Forget the sit/stay and train her that as the leash comes off she goes “Up”. We’re way better at staying connected on the start line, but she’ll disengage during leash removal. Think I’ll also order a Brilliant K9 harness for her. She tried on Mooch’s Lucy Petite and it fit nicely. Not only might I be able to pair a ‘different device’ with a new behavior but the harnesses come with a magnetic clip option! My poor dogs have to tolerate my crooked stiff fingers fumbling through their hair. Besides! It will be fun to look through the many Spoonflower fabrics and design a pretty one for Zopa. 

No classes next week. Lori and Spree will be at the AKC Invitational for Dock Diving. Along with Melissa and crew – and Dake! – representing agile Apsos. So proud of and for all of them. I’ll be ‘watching’ over the internet. Fun times! I’m gonna spend lots of time with video, creating individual movies 😍 of each dog on the FFT classteam. We’re all doing good work.

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