All Dogs Parkour

Serendipity! A few minutes ago while dusting the thought of ‘retraining’ Tanner to the environment was on my mind. He so LOVES AGILITY, but I babysat his environmental concerns all those years ago instead of helping him gain confidence to handle environmental concerns. Idea! What if I pretended Tanner just came to live with me…and we address the environmental concern issue with a clean slate, so to speak. How would I start? Walks, along with asking for advice from my teacher. 

The latest issue of Clean Run was laying on my desk, ready to be filed. I noted a dog-eared page. How Parkour can Complement Agility. !!! Parkour Tan Man! Googled up the author’s suggestions: All Dogs Parkour (ADP) along with several videos…

So! We’re going explore and see what happens! Exercise Demos with links to video demonstrating each. 

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