Shoulda stayed home??

Thursday’s courses

This hasn’t been the best week. Rocky died Christmas night. Kula was euthanized Wednesday. Rick was on the road Thursday morning, which given that I-80 had been closed, worried me. 285 was black ice. After seeing a truck in the ditch I pulled off at the next safe opportunity and messaged Lori that I was turning around. She told me the roads were dry down the hill. So. I sat for a few minutes and reconsidered. Let her know I’d take back roads and audit the first class when I arrived. Then run dogs, one run each, in the second class. I still wasn’t 100% present in the second class. 😦

The courses had fun challenges, from a possible tandem between 4 & 5, to weave entries to backside tunnel sends. Plus! There were stuffed Christmas friends near the weave poles. Tanner loved the tree with the Santa hat. Silly boy.

Friday. Knowing Tanner would love it – and my focus was scattered –
I chose to run the circle course.

Getting #3 and #13 were the challenges for me. A Japanese at #3 ended up being the best choice for my dogs. And a push to the back at #11, with a rear on the flat to the tunnel. I didn’t execute either well. That’s okay. We managed to get through it. My dogs did what my body told them too. 🙂

Had a possible aha moment and reviewing video I could be onto something. Kneeling down while engaging my dogs at the start line. Made a note to self to continue to do that.

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