ADP-L1 for Tanner!!

A fitting way to celebrate the end of our Introduction to Parkour Skills, Fun and Titling class.

Kunza Nan Tan at FFT MeLou TKN ADP-L1

Hi, Debby –

The new clip makes this a Q. What a lovely variety of exercises. Great use of the EFs, and the pics were all very helpful and well done. Tanner is adorable and did everything so well. You were great with using the leash when required, too.

I’m attaching the certificate and will mail Tanner’s ribbon on Monday. Congratulations!

Jude (Azaren) in NJ
All Dogs Parkour (

Tanner had a number of the intro skills, either because of agility or tricks. The hardest part was my learning curve, especially about regulations. Video submission – like both hands must be in the frame and a bunch of other criteria. And measurements. It’s still going to take some experience to know which EFs measurements will be needed. And which body part. Hock? Elbow? Shoulder? Head?

Next step is working on generalization of this group of skills in different locations. L2 requires one Q. L3 will require three Qs. So we’ll be working these intro skill in several different locations. At home we’ll be learning more advanced skills which can be integrated down the road. So proud of both of us! Use it or lose it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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