Walk, teeter, walk and other stuff in between…

The learnings and turnings were frozed out Thursday. It’s been a good four days…’cept for frozed out Thursday. Oh well. That gave me time to put together Ember’s Elite Performer Tricks video.

Highlights walking the course…

~ connect coming out of the start tunnel to the weaves

~ getting lateral as the dog is in the weaves would be helpful getting down the dog walk line

~ options off the teeter are bc and fc. On her second run Zopa demonstrated the bc didn’t work for her. She bailed off the teeter following my bc. Repeat with a front worked. Both Z and T hit the teeter aggressively first run!

~ that LONG fast line coming out of tunnel 7? Yeehaw! Japanese #8. Bc 9 to 10. The rest of the class reared #11. Missed it – completing that line – first run with both dogs. Even invented a new technique. The Crazy Cross. Second run…Tanner…love hearing Lori calling, “blind,blind!” and Bruce. “You can do it! You can do it!” We did!!!

~ to get the weave entry coming off dogwalk #12…use the off arm to escort.

~same off arm escort (serp arm) out of weaves to change line to tunnel #14. My arm was too high when escorting Zopa. She was really hand focused during class. Homework overachiever. Yikes.

~ the final circle, as both my dogs demonstrated, wasn’t to be taken for granted.

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