Got me a trial dog!

We were one of the fortunate teams to make entry into this trial. Most clubs opting out of hosting, trials are few and far between this year. This was our third trial of the year; one in February before #staythefuckhome, two with major covid restrictions. I’m not one to count Qs….well, I keep track of them, but a Q is not my criteria for a successful run. Can we say Novice Queen Supreme. 🙂

That said, I do want to stop and acknowledge my teammate’s accomplishments this year. At the trail in February she completed NA. At the trial in August she completed OAJ. At this trial she Qd three of our six runs. I’ve got me a trial dog!

This was so fun!! She was confident. Off course, but confident. Lori loved our connection and told me #1 Lhasa went through her mind. 🙂 She was serious. She’s always been Zopa’s biggest fan. She’s always known what it takes to be a team. That has been my toughest lesson to learn and teach. So proud of my confident teammate. No Q, but who cares?!
Our first Q in Excellent.
1st Q in Open Standard.
Second Q in Open Standard.
That long look-about before the weaves cost us too much time. 😉
It was SOOOOOO hot!!! She hung in there even though she wasn’t in the game.
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