And make that ACT 2!

He offered bonus points for a second table. Silly Parkour boy!

Course #: ACT2 SetD Rd1                     
Judge: Kitty BradleyQualifying Score: 95
Dog’s Run Time: 43.39
Comments: Wrong course to the table (minus 5 points) but nice run! Congrats.

I knew the start – jump into the soft side of the weaves – was going to be a challenge. Really happy with how that went. Whee! Blasting out of the tunnel with the tire on his line! What a good boy changing his line at the last second. 🙂

Course #: ACT2 SetD Rd2                     
Judge: Kitty BradleyQualifying Score: 100
Dog’s Run Time: 40.1
Comments: Nice run! Congrats!

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