Closed again… :-(

Team Spirit reopened, only to shut down again yesterday afternoon. Janey has been so conscientious, practicing due diligence. While I’d already chosen to #shelterinmytwoplaces, I’m sorry there’s a reason to close again. This virus has been so destructive, including to the economy. President-elect Biden was right when he stated, “you can’t fix the economy until you fix covid.” Just ask Janey. And her teachers.

Janey’s post…

Hi there,
Today we found out that we have had another student test positive for COVID. She was asymptomatic and with no known exposure, but got tested because she was planning on traveling to see her parents. She was here this week in two separate classes prior to her positive notification. Her instructors and classmates have been notified. With Nicole being on medical leave and now with these two instructors on two weeks’ quarantine, we have decided, sadly, to once again…close. This applies to all classes, privates, workshops, rentals, agility and nosework. This is effective immediately, and we will stay closed through the holidays and hope to reopen on January 1 or 2, 2021.
Please know that this decision was not made lightly because we all appreciate how important it is, especially now, to have time to train and play with our dogs. But because the virus is spreading so much right now and we have a student population that is quite vulnerable, we felt it would be best to play it very safe, and again, shut down. We realize that at some point, this constant closing/opening will become unworkable. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, we can figure out a way to navigate these crazy waters more easily. Have a safe and happy holiday season, everyone. I’ll post again when we know more about reopening.

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