Ch. FFT MeLou Spill The Wine TKI

Elliot and I managed to pull it off. Next quest is ADP-L1. Maybe we’ll come back to tricks, but whew. …just pulling Intermediate off was a major accomplishment. He dysregulates in a heartbeat.

His tricks:
~ Game (dog manipulates interactive canine game)
~ Go to your place (to bed/mat, crate from 10ft.)
~ Jump through handler’s circled arms or over handler’s leg
~ Leg weave (weave around handler’s legs)
~ Push button/key to make sound (e.g., sound toy, moise button, etc.)
~ Shell game (“Find it” – find treat under 1 of 3 cups)
~ Sit pretty ( sit up)
~ Teeter totter
~ Handler’s choice: Parkour Rebound
~ Handler’s choice: Parkour ‘up’; paws on elevated surface

Here’s a few of his tricks…

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Here a serp, there a serp

Everywhere a serp, serp. Always room for improvement, but all in all I’m feeling good about my skills. 😉

Serps on Thursday…

Being in position to cue is key, otherwise there’s no place for the dog to land and/or for you to cue the next serp. The handler runs a straight line up the serp line. Took Tanner through the weaves for the first in ??? 3 months. He nailed ’em!!

Serps on Friday…

Threadle cues and lap turn cues happen at the ‘first’ obstacle.

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Backroads Friday

I’m so done with Denver traffic. Completely and totally sucks!!! Going home I’ve started timing alternate routes in an attempt to stay off C470 and I70. Today I took Garrison to the I70 Frontage road to Kipling to Morrison Road to 285. 55 minutes. Yesterday, coming home from Nate’s I took 58th to Indiana, jogged over to Hwy 58 and then Hwy 93. Didn’t take much longer than usual and certainly a more pleasant drive.

Maybe when I’ve dialed in those times I give it a try on the way to class. It’s taking longer and longer to get to class Thursday mornings. When I’m sitting in traffic I ponder giving up Thursdays with Lori. 😦 That’s how gawd awful the traffic has become. However it is my time with all the dogs and with Lori’s new format we get Tricks every other Thursday. ….so not yet am I willing to give it up. If Debbie and Kathy could start class later I wouldn’t be traveling in rush hour. Ha! What a misnomer. The volume of traffic is so heavy it’s always like driving in rush hour.

This was super fun! It was a perfect setup for flow skipping the weaves with Tanner. Zopa had really good weave entries. Yes! And did really good work including sending to #14 and looking for me as she exited.

Backroads Friday…

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Girl’s Day Out

The 💩 boys stayed home.

Girl’s Day Out

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Sunday…bloody Sunday

Guess I’ll never stop learning…which is a good thing. As Dave often quotes, no discipline seems pleasant at the time. Time pressure (from the host clubs) is evident by the end of each day, especially the last day of a trial. From a course building perspective it’s logical to start with either Premier or Masters/Excellent and deconstruct the course for Open and then Novice. Unfortunately that leaves the teams with the least trial experience with added pressure.

Little did I think that would be an issue during our morning run Sunday! I was soooooo excited to run Standard with Zopa. She was a super star Saturday, a real super star. 19 seconds under sct. (Too bad about ticking the broad jump.) We followed the cute little Scottie who had been giving Zopa the stink eye for two days. Not only was her owner unaware of that, but she was unaware she was first dog on the line in our class. It took a minute or three to get her in the ring. Her owner was trying to gather her up at the end of their run and there was no way I was walking Zopa on course until the Scottie was on leash and heading off the course. It felt like *everyone* was yelling at me to get in the ring, get in the ring, get in the ring. When Deb Lewis told me to get in the ring I said, “the scottie!!” I held out but wasn’t at all happy about the situation. About being pressured. About being yelled at repeatedly. About apparently no one reading the situation.

Zopa and I walk into the ring and to the start line on leash. That way she’s been ‘in the environment’ all along which keeps her less distracted. Had it been Edie I simply would have picked her up, carried her in the ring with my body positioned to block the Scottie. Not that Edie would have cared about the Scottie… Zopa must have felt it all. She went into the start-line tunnel, exited about 3 feet and tossed her cookies. Literally. The judge – who hadn’t been pressuring me to enter the ring – came over and told me to take care of my dog and they’d clean up. 😦 No run for us. 😦

Janie and Bruce came up to me outside the ring. Stupid emotions, I burst into tears. I’m not a hugger, but in that moment it felt so supportive to have Janie hug me twice. And Bruce…wanting to be my advocate, wanting the club to know about the incident. On the way back to our setup, Kelly joined up with me and listened. I ❤ my fellow students.

While I still wish we have been able to run, the situation presented a learning opportunity. Judges are usually very clear during the briefing about not entering the ring if you think there’s a potential issue with the previous dog leaving the ring. I now have a strategy as surely we’ll run after the little Scottie again in upcoming trials. If we follow her, I will notify the judge after the briefing. Although Beth wasn’t one of the people pressuring me to enter the ring, I will let the gate steward know. And tough shit if the leash runner, a jump setter or anyone else is telling me what to do. As Lisa said, I am my dog’s advocate.

We rallied for our jumpers run. In retrospect I would have stayed at the tunnel as she exited instead of trying to get on the other side of the next jump to cue the line change. And I would have ran the line to the finish on the inside.

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