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Serendipity! A few minutes ago while dusting the thought of ‘retraining’ Tanner to the environment was on my mind. He so LOVES AGILITY, but I babysat his environmental concerns all those years ago instead of helping him gain confidence to handle environmental concerns. Idea! What if I pretended Tanner just came to live with me…and we address the environmental concern issue with a clean slate, so to speak. How would I start? Walks, along with asking for advice from my teacher. 

The latest issue of Clean Run was laying on my desk, ready to be filed. I noted a dog-eared page. How Parkour can Complement Agility. !!! Parkour Tan Man! Googled up the author’s suggestions: All Dogs Parkour (ADP) along with several videos…

So! We’re going explore and see what happens! Exercise Demos with links to video demonstrating each. 

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Tunnels, tunnels.

Tunnel vision! Side by side. Back to back. I’m getting pretty good at walking the course or viewing a course map and realizing the options for my dogs. 🙂

It was really fun to play with the side-by-side tunnels Thursday, particularly sending into one tunnel and ‘bringing the dog back through’ the other tunnel. 

Stephanie asked Lori about start lines and not going back to reward start line stays. The topic was relevant to what I’ve been doing with Zopa the past few weeks, so I was really glad for the discussion. In the spirit of helping Massimo with his startlines at trials Stephanie listened to a podcast she found very helpful.

I’m going to change up what I’ve been doing with Zopa. Forget the sit/stay and train her that as the leash comes off she goes “Up”. We’re way better at staying connected on the start line, but she’ll disengage during leash removal. Think I’ll also order a Brilliant K9 harness for her. She tried on Mooch’s Lucy Petite and it fit nicely. Not only might I be able to pair a ‘different device’ with a new behavior but the harnesses come with a magnetic clip option! My poor dogs have to tolerate my crooked stiff fingers fumbling through their hair. Besides! It will be fun to look through the many Spoonflower fabrics and design a pretty one for Zopa. 

No classes next week. Lori and Spree will be at the AKC Invitational for Dock Diving. Along with Melissa and crew – and Dake! – representing agile Apsos. So proud of and for all of them. I’ll be ‘watching’ over the internet. Fun times! I’m gonna spend lots of time with video, creating individual movies 😍 of each dog on the FFT classteam. We’re all doing good work.

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Today I needed this reminder. Thank you Marla!

Every day I want you to take the time to do some little something for you. After all it is part of our 11 Commandments. (#8 & 11)
FlyLady’s Eleven Commandments
1. Keep your sink clean and shiny.
2. Get dressed every morning, even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t forget your lace-up shoes.
3. Do your morning and before bedtime routine everyday.
4. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by the computer.
5. Pick up after yourself. If you get it out, put it away.
6. Don’t try to do two projects at once. ONE JOB AT A TIME.
7. Don’t pull out more than you can put back in one hour.
8. Do something for yourself everyday, maybe every morning and night.
9. Work as fast as you can to get the job done. This will give you more time to play later.
10. Smile even when you don’t feel like it. It is contagious. Make your mind up to be happy and you will be.
11. Don’t forget to laugh everyday. Pamper yourself, you deserve it.
Just in case you can’t think of anything to do to pamper yourself. I have made a list. You can take this list and put it in your Control Journal or you can cut them up, fold them up and put them in a beautiful bowl.
Each morning pull one out and plan your day around your time! If you have others you want to add then by all means adapt this for you! It might make a great gift for someone too.
Have fun and remember to PAMPER YOURSELF! OH and you are not limited to one per day. Some of them may become part of your daily routine: a splash of your favorite perfume, your favorite jewelry, bathroom inspirational reading or a bubble bath.
Here is the list.
1. Shave your legs and put lotion on them.
2. Put on an exfoliating mask while you take a bubble bath.
3. Massage your hands with lotion or oil for 5 minutes.
4. Put some cuticle cream on your nails.
5. Spend 5 minutes writing in your gratitude journal.
6. Sit down with a nice cup of something warm to drink and read your favorite magazine.
7. Take a long hot shower with your favorite shower gel or a bubble bath.
8. Fill up a foot tub with hot water and soak your tired feet. If you have some marbles put them in the bottom of the pan to massage your feet. Put a little lavender oil or your favorite oil in the water.
9. Give yourself a pedicure.
10. Paint your fingernails with your favorite color!
11. Watch your favorite movie! Get out the hankies.
12. Brush and floss your teeth; whiten them while you are in the tub.
13. Use a sugar scrub on your feet and elbows.  Homemade Sugar Scrub
4 T Olive Oil
Enough sugar to make it pasty
Your favorite fragrance (Lemon Juice, Favorite Perfume, etc.)
Apply all over after soaping and rinsing and the sugar will exfoliate
and the olive oil will moisturize.
14. Condition your hair and wrap your head in a towel or shower cap and take a hot shower.
15. Pluck those unwanted hairs in your eyebrows and chin.
16. Exfoliate your face and then moisturize.
17. Put on some relaxing music and listen quietly.
18. Take a hot bath with your favorite scents and Epson salts.
19. Rub Vaseline or lotion on your feet and put your socks on and go to bed.
20. Make an appointment to get your hair colored, cut or a perm. Or just get it fixed.
21. Heat up a tub sock filled with dried beans or rice in the microwave and put around your shoulders.
22. Sit down in your favorite chair and do some deep breathing exercises.
23. Go put on your favorite perfume.
24. Put a cold compress on your eyes. If you have a gel eye mask take it out of the freezer and place it on your eyes. Lay your head back and enjoy a few minutes of peace.
25. Take a hot bath and while you are in there scrub your feet with a pumice stone.
26. Take a 20 minute nap! Set your timers. No whining allowed!
27. Sit down and enjoy a cup of hot tea. If you have a back massager; plug it in or take a long sock and put some tennis balls in it. Lean back against the tennis balls. This works well. My chiropractor told me about this one. You can sit on it too.
28. Go take a bath by candlelight! Everything looks great in candlelight.
29. Go to your jewelry box and put on a piece of your favorite jewelry to wear just because you like it. No special occasion.
30. Sit down and watch a funny TV show or movie. It is time to laugh.
31. Put an inspirational book in your bathroom. Take a few minutes while you are in there to read a page.
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Blind Crosses with Megan

Above is the course in its entirety. It wasn’t about completing the course. The course was designed for blind cross lessons. With a titch of banter – cough, cough, devil’s advocate – from Lori. Megan broke it down into 4 sequences with each team picking up the next sequence where they’d left off. Zopa and I made it through!! While there were plenty of Learnings and Turnings #17 presented great training opportunities for our team. 🤩

I failed with attention to camera battery, so our 4th time on the floor will be presented via diagram…perhaps revisionist, but we did rock #30 through the end with lots of awesome Japanese turns. For. Real. We frickin’ rocked it. We Japanesed at every opportunity. We kicked ass. I knew we could while I walked that segment. ‘Cause me and my dogs Japanese. Thank you Edie.

Now it’s time for notes from Megan 📝

……she doesn’t like when they lie.

…blind cross plus techniques that include blinds; the blind should happen on a straight line. Straight lines indicate acceleration.

…techniques that utilize blinds include Japanese 😊, German and Hungarian. Say what?! Hungarian? That would be a Human Arrow to a blind. My breed doesn’t drive cattle. Human Arrow not needed. My breed is from the Far East. Japanese is more akin.

…ask yourself where does the turn happen.

…when you have to train a skill you potentially dilute or have to untrain something else.

…with a rear cross you may need to camp out and run together.

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Another Silly Title? Why not?!

One more Q and Edie will have her MJP. We could keep running in Masters, trying for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Century. MJPB, MJPS, MJPG, MJPC. Given time we could do it. She’s so consistent. We’ve ran a total of 11 times in Masters, for 9 Clean Runs. We could keep doing that. Or. We could pick another challenge.

I ran several ideas past Lori. Either run Premier, revisit training the teeter and run Standard from Novice up or try for a T2B title. She does have a T2B Q. That title requires 10 Qs. Hands down, Lori said run Premier. So that’s the plan! 

Very little of this journey Down The Quiet Path has been about gathering up titles. It’s about me learning something completely different, mastering another subject while spending time with my dogs. Working towards a ‘title’ helps me stay on track, stay focused on what I’m training each individual dog and push myself while being realistic.

Recently I invented a game for Zopa. Happy Running Dog Bingo. Lori liked it so much she asked my permission to share it with others! Zopa has the skills to run high level technical courses. (And so do I! 🙂 ) It’s the rest of the stuff that’s a challenge for her. People on her course. Judges judging contacts and weaves. All the super wonderful distractions at a trial. Happy Running Dog Bingo focuses on successes with those things, not how great she runs the course. It keeps me motivated – and reinforced – rather than feeling like ‘failures’ when we don’t Q. 

Edie had different issues – in particular her novice trainer! Weaves. Babysitting obstacles. Being in her way with every handling technique. We fumbled our way through Novice and after a year of failing in Open (ya gotta do 12 weaves faster than a snail) Lori suggested that we run in Novice again. We were eligible to do that since we hadn’t Qd in Open. That’s when I switched her to Preferred. Why not get a Preferred title while we’re at it?! I came up with criteria designed to meet our own challenges, loosely based on MACH requirements. Very loosely!! 20 Clean Runs. 5 weave entrances off my right side. 100 points…1 pt. for each second under sct, which emphasized speed not perfection. I don’t remember what I was going to call that ‘title’ but Lori named it Novice Queen Supreme.

We never did finish that title. I moved her to Open for the ALAC 2016 trial because I was running Zopa, Tanner and Elliot (for one day) in Novice Jumpers. Edie Qd in Open and we never looked back. The quest for Novice Queen Supreme had served its purpose.

The fact is Edie turned 12 this past September. A Premier title requires 25 Qs. Not all clubs offer Premier. And if they do, it’s usually one day over the weekend. 25 Qs isn’t realistic. However! What if we went on a Premier Queen Supreme quest? Novice, Open, Excellent. PQSN, PQSO, PQSE. Each will require 3 Qs. Masters PQSM would require 10 Qs. 🙂 Jeesh. If we get that far we’d only need six more for a real Premier title. Premier Jumpers Dog Preferred – PJDP. 

One more Masters Q and Premier Queen Supreme here we come!

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