Still shot of Tanner

He does love Parkour!
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This morning’s Straddle session

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Level 3 Parkour shooting begins!

And training continues!

Rather than type, type, type here’s what I shared with my instructor Kristine…

Several things Kristine Hammar. Yesterday we did a first run outdoors with video. Two different locations. The first outside after agility class. We did a Walk It on a long log and left. The neighborhood goose was there and wouldn’t leave!! The second stop was a nearby park. Unlike the other time where all he could do was a Get On (2 feet), we ended up with 10 exercises!!! A couple even meet Title Submission requirements. 🙂   I’m convinced his joy for Parkour is helping him work in strange environments. Very, very rewarding!

Our Level 2 Title Submission in nearly ready. When I think it’s complete and meets all criteria, I’ll share so you can tell me what I need to fix.  😉

Here’s Tanner’s Rebounds in slo mo; he’s hitting with each foot once. 🙂 Today I introduced my foot for the first time which should make generalization ‘on the road’ easier. I need to add his harness and leash too. This morning we did a Straddle session for the first time. Input please!!!

Her response…

Nice with the rebounds!!

For the straddle sidepass intro, I do have three recommendations.

Since he was hesitant to stand over it, definitely reinforce any movement he makes toward it. I might even just have him come close to it, treat, then toss a treat away. Repeat until he is comfortable being near it and then go back to luring him closer. Then you can slowly work toward the behavior you want.

Also, if you click – treat! Always!! No matter what he did!! There were a couple times, you clicked, but then decided you didn’t want what you had clicked and he got no treat. That will confuse his understanding of the click. Better to treat the mistakes. He will know to keep trying.

Also, I would avoid use of the word you want to use (straddle), until he is willingly offering the behavior you want. It would be as if I were trying to show you something, and you didn’t know what I wanted, and I was saying “blipperburg!” over and over. You would be like, “huh?” But if we worked out what I wanted and then I said, “this is blipperburg”, now it would make sense!!

Last night I changed the EF from that wing part to one of the table legs I’ve been saving for folk art dragonflies. No video, but that switch seemed to help him.

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Bruce and I dropped in…

Lori had her wrist surgery. No class this week. Her students were able to rent space at Team Spirit Agility Friday morning/ Bruce and I shared an hour and a half spot, each working two dogs. 🙂 Mostly I focused on working contacts and weaves. Even Tanner has to complete all 12 poles now ‘days.

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Almost a year it’s been since all the dogs moved into the house. Over a year it’s been since the basement reno started. Over two years it’s been since I phased out Fridays at the shop. So many transitions to incorporate into my routine-driven psyche . I am happy. I am content. My life feels balanced and fulfilling.

Boys play where dogs used to…

Goals have evolved along my path. Edie is one Q away from her Master’s title. Looking forward to upcoming trials with Zopa, confident we’ll have some success and a lot of fun. Teaching Elliot remains an ever-evolving puzzle with enough moments of success to keep both Lori and I trying. And Tan, Tan The Parkour Man. Whee! We’re having fun learning Parkour together!

Edie has been a sport as I learned to work with a teammate not tethered to me with a leash. We’re entered in four trials in April; two at Jeffco and two at APEX. Time will tell when she gets that final Q. She has given me everything she could. I’m not going to ask for more.

Video review continues to be part of my workflow, although creating agility class videos is no longer the objective. I’m getting enough ‘video fun’ with Parkour and developing good skills for title submission. My focus in class is training, not running courses perfectly. …although once in a while that happens. 🙂 I’m adding a pm training session for the Basement Boys to my late afternoon routines. Tanner is learning so much. Extra training time is needed.

M challenged me sometime ago to up my game and qualify for Invitationals. I took on the challenge, but it’s time now to let it go. I am happy. I am content. My life is balanced and fulfilling.

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