Theme Title Champion! Yeah Tanner!

Super fun!! Jude designed this as a Special Event during #staythefuckhome. Regular Parkour Tracks allow one Theme entry per track. As in all Parkour Tracks, this Special Event had 5 levels en route to Championship – ADP-L1(Th), ASP-L2(Th), ADP-L3(Th), ADP-L4(Th) and ADP-L5(Th). All entries had to be filmed at home. No problem! 😉 EFs did not have to meet regulation requirements, although most of ours did. It was fun to add a bit of creativity. Photo shoot of props. Catchy title identifying each Theme. Ending credit message from Tanner.

Of the 60 exercises required for this Championship we only had one do-over. That was due to my oversight during editing and submitting all 5 entries over a short period of time. I can always find something I think needs fixed (like my head cut off the video). Finally decided good enough is good enough. If something needed fixing the judges would let me know. Sure enough. 🙂 In Yoga Props (Awk! Propped Up By Yoga – why did that just come to me now?!?!!) I submitted Get On (Moving) and Get On (4 Feet). Both looked the same. That’s not allowed. For the win, I did a retake of Get On (4 Feet) using the u-bolster as the EF.

This special event was such a success Jude is going to offer it twice a year, during the months of February and August. I’ve already planned our February Themes. Might even try L1 with Elliot. Also brushed off old video and soon will be submitting entries for ADP-L3. Tanner and I are also going to start the Premier Track and the Sequence Track.

He really does love this stuff. He gets super excited when I get out his harness. Presented with an EF he starts offering behaviors before I cue him. At class a couple weeks ago, instead of going up the dogwalk (one of his favorite obstacles) he went under and jumped through one of the supports. Good boy!

Initially, when I researched Parkour, my thought was build Tanner’s confidence by letting him act on his environment rather that being concerned about it. Really glad we found this niche! Super fun for both of us. Very creative. Requires lots of skills, including ongoing learning for both of us. So! CONGRATULATIONS to us!

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Today! This day!

First class in Lori’s new Thursday teaching space! First agility class from any instructor in the new space! Zopa was the first dog to run! This! That! Today! This day!

I had a dog! Had no idea what to expect from my dog, but I had a dog! We were in the environment for only a few minutes before we headed to the start line. I had a dog!

The course in a nutshell
Working The Weaves
Our Time On The Floor
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Tanner’s ADP Special Theme Event Submissions

After a Tricky start, it’s a Parkour finish to 2020. At least that’s what I have written down in FLY. All Dogs Parkour held a Special #staythefuckhome Event – Themes titles.

As the weeks pass, anxiety about the unknown in this crazy world continues to tamp down allowing for the emergence of creativity. Tanner and I had so much fun doing this together. His understanding and confidence doing the exercises grew with the opportunity to use different EFs right here at home. He loves Straddle (Elevated)!!The immersion in completing these 5 entries has inspired me to dust off our regular ADP-L3 videos for review. If I recall, we needed to reshoot a couple of exercises when the snow arrived. Wow….that feels like a lifetime ago. 

Submitted our entries this morning. If they pass Tanner will have a Theme Championship. ADP-CH(Th) would be the official title.

Have A Seat ADP-L1(Th) submission
Nana’s Toys ADP-L2(Th) submission
Coffeetable Books ADP-L3(Th) submission
Yoga Props ADP-L4(Th) submission
In Stitches ADP-L5(Th) submission

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That! Elite Performer Trick Dogs!

That! TKE for both Tanner and Zopa! We did That during #staythefuckhome. Several of us had planned to get together in May, give audience and video each other’s TKE performances. A little virus changed That! AKC waived the audience requirement due to covid, so we – Tanner and me, Zopa and me – performed for the camera.

Tan Man at the Foo Dog Park

Zopa Rocked Around The Clock. A bit of a Picasso clock, for sure. The floor was slippery. It’s hard to hear the music coming from the office. We did the best we could with the space and resources we had. It would have been fun to do this in front of an audience!

Zopa Rocks Around The Clock
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Video from last week

Training is fun! Looking forward to working the teeter again today!! And the weaves!

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